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One for the Money – Janet Evanovich



He looks like Michelangelo dipped the statue of David in caramel and strapped some heat on him.

The Memory Keeper’s Daughter – Kim Edwards



I wake up to sleep

…the silence became a lake, an ocean, where they all might drown.

…hearing and hating her mother’s disapproving voice coming from her own mouth.

…light pouring out something liquid, something that had overflowed and could no longer be contained.

…longing to bridge the distance between them, the distance she had made.

…a hedge against time. (about photography)

…he’d been protecting on that snowy light as some last version of himself.

His love for her was so deeply woven with resentment that he could not untangle the two.

David always said Lexington was like the limestone on which it was built: layers of stratification, nuances of being and belonging, your place in the hierarchy fixed in stone long ago. No doubt Kay had insect people too.

Phoebe, present somehow through her absence, arriving in dreams, standing on the unseen edge of every moment…

Pushing a vacuum –is that what you want for your life?

The place was as familiar as breath but as far from his life now as the moon.