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Writing Down the Bones – Natalie Goldberg



Youth – J. M. Coetzee


“Of the throng on the sidewalks, most are young people. Strictly speaking he is their comtemporary, but he does not feel like that. He feels middle-aged, prematurely middle-aged: one of those bloodless, high-domed, exhausted scholars whose skin flaked at the merest touch. Deeper than that he is still a child, ignorant of his place in the world, frightened, indecisive. What is he doing in this huge, cold city where merely to stay alive means holding tight all the time, trying not to fall?”

Where the Heart is – Billie Letts


“But this part of town, Sister Husband’s part of town, looked like the places where Novalee had lived in Tellico Plains, neighborhoods the color of gravy.”

“Then Moses pressed a button and the top of the camera popped up, making Novalee think of poorly tinted photographs in dark oval frames… men and women posed in stiff collars, their yam-colored faces set with grim-lipped smiles.”

“Home is the place they’ll catch you when you fall and we all fall.”