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Hi, I’m A. Gulden and this is my book journal. Every book I remember reading until now is on here. I even have the correct dates of finishing the books for some but what you’ll mostly see here are the bits and pieces I like from those books I read.

Before I was born, my father had all these children’s books stacked up for his future child -and that’s me. As an avid reader himself, he knew exactly what I would read at any given age until I would start reading his own books for adults. Somewhere in between, I had the luxury of borrowing books from Teachers’ Society Library for years which gave me the opportunity to read pretty much everything else I did not own at the time. Later on, I donated my own books to a library and shipped my dad’s books over here to Australia.

It’s because I read both in English and in Turkish, you won’t be able to understand the Turkish ones. If I read a particular book in a particular language, then I type in my notes in that language. Sometimes, I start reading a book in one language and switch to its translated version later on. I still don’t know what to do with those ones…

I also have Around the World in 80 Books page where I have a list of books written by foreign authors. Each one either represent the author’s country of origin or the story takes place in a particular country and that’s how it qualifies for my list. I am up to 46 countries so far…

At the moment, I am working on my shitty first draft (technical term).


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