The Missing Rose – Serdar Özkan


But whenever she’d tried they’d judged her. It was as if they knew what was best for her and always swamped her with advice on what she should do, how she should think and even how she should feel. They never tried to understand.

People with hair dyed every colour of the rainbow, pierced on the least expected parts of their bodies; people who looked for but couldn’t find an empty space to be ornamented with yet another tattoo…

Perhaps everyone was to blame, perhaps no one…

“If I’d use only my eyes to see, I’d be lost in your dim world.”

“But there isn’t anyone like me. You know, everyone’s fingerprints are different. I like to think we have a kind of inner fingerprint, too. The fingerprint which we cover by wearing trendy gloves…”

…perhaps to be attached, first one needed to become unattached.

However, most people entered into new relationships carrying all their all their old ties with them. Whether what they carried from the past were feelings of mistrust, being misunderstood, or a defensive wall, those old ties prevented from living the new relationship freely. Maybe they were right in thinking they had been wronged in their previous relationships; but what they failed to see was that it wasn’t their partner who’d wronged them but their own past which they hadn’t been able to leave behind.

“As long as time flows forward, the future which we are so mesmerised by is nothing but an untouched past.”

Sometimes silence is more convincing than a hundred spoken promises.

“When is the right time?”
“Perhaps the day you finally realise that the things you know can no longer help you. Or perhaps when you realise that awareness is like a ladder and in order to climb higher, you shouldn’t go back to the steps you’ve left behind.”

“Sometimes happiness expresses itself best through the tears shed for a friend…”

We have a wonderful proverb for this: ‘Grapes grow black by looking at each other.’

Love doesn’t lower the lovers, but raises them.

“The only thing you need in order to feel special is yourself.”

…every moment in life is a miracle. Always remember, not only roses, but everything speaks.

“Love is not love if the lover asks for something in return.”

“Dreams are the leaven of reality.”


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