Here on Earth -Alice Hoffman

“The way he wouldn’t meet anyone’s eyes. The way he seemed to fold up inside himself, going farther and farther inside, until the part of him having dinner at their table was only the smallest corner of his soul.”
“March doesn’t cry now; she’s far too busy for anything like that. Still, there are mornings when she wakes with tears in her eyes. That’s when she knows she’s been dreaming about him. And although she never remembers her dreams, there’s always the scent of grass on her pillow, as if the past were something that could come back to you, if you only wished har enough, if you were brave enough to call out his name.”
“A busybody and a pain in the neck, but she never judged what she didn’t understand and that, Hollis knows, is rare.”
“If you can’t change a fact of life, then be smart enough to walk away from it, that’s always been Hollis’s motto. Walk away fast.”
“Julie, the woman who had become his wife, was said to be the sweetest girl in town. There was something peaceful about her, as if snow had settled down inside her soul.”
“At twenty you’re convinced you know everything, but forty is even worse; that’s when you’ve realised no one can know everything, and yet when it comes to certain situations you still believe yourself to be an absolute expert. When all is said and done, the weather and love are the only two elements about which one can never be sure. That’s what you learn at sixty, and, as it turns out, no one is ever surprised by this bit of news.”
“It’s the way it was, isn’t it, when you were so young the future seemed limitless, and it was impossible to tell where you ended and he began.”
“Blood buys things and it always has.”


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