Of Love and Shadows – Isabel Allende


“I want to go to hell in red socks!”

“In the morning light, Francisco focused on Irene as she was talking with the family, to capture her unawares because she did not like to pose for the camera. Photographs deceive time, she said, freezing it on a peace of cardboard where the soul is silent.”

“Forget your prayers, Hilda, and devote yourself to voodoo -it has a more scientific basis.”

“He did not wish to become involved in an earthshaking relationship with a woman from the other side of the fence.”

“An air of hopelessness pervaded the building, and all who worked there were contaminated by indifference, their capacity for compassion drained.”

“She was wearing a dressing gown and satin slippers because she lived her life on Paris time -a difference of several hours and two seasons.”


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