The Fiction Class – Susan Breen


“It’s the randomness of life that makes it particularly terrifying.”

“There is something seductive about honesty.”

“You have an answer for everything. All that psychoanalysis has turned you into an wimp. There’s a reason why they call them shrinks, you know. They make people smaller.”

“It was a country that celebrated pain; revered it, you might say. Very Catholic.”

“Fiction writers are supposed to be liars; that is part of the fun of it.”

“Arabella clears her throat. She feels as if she is doing an emotional striptease.”

“Her mother is like a dog when she gets to a new place: She needs to mark her territory immediately by peeing.”

“Pity takes away your humanity, reduces you to a pulsating need…”

“… touched, sad and frightened -all the sensations she normally feels with her mother.”

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