Princess: A true story of life behind the Veil in Saudi Arabia – Jean Sasson


“All women learn at an early age to manipulate rather than to confront.”

“I, for the first time in my young life, comprehended the impenetrable task facing those of our sex. I knew my goal of female equality was hopeless, for I finally recognized that the world of men harbors a morbid condition of over-fondness for themselves. We women are vassals, and the walls of our prisons are inescapable, for this grotesque disease preeminence lives in the sperm for all men and is passed along, generation to generation-a deadly, incurable disease whose host is male and victim is female.”

“… this one issue alone proved that we Saudis were like uninspired mules; we trod the same weary track as the mule before us even if it led us to plunge off a cliff.”

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