Married by Force – Leila


“I wanted God to take care of everything for me, to show me some kindness in sorting out my destiny, so that I could stop feeling guilty, trapped, unloved and tossed about on life’s waves like some insignificant cork. God never put in an appearance, despite my prayers.”

“Like Souria and so many other young girls, I was weighed down by the constant burden of being female. A woman’s body is a congenital sin; a daughter only really exists in her father’s eyes as a domestic servant kept locked in her room and a gift-wrapped parcel of virginity to be presented to the man of his choice.”

“Maman… I adore my mother, but I couldn’t tolerate this constant submissiveness, this need to worship men at all costs. They’re right, we must trust them, believe them even if they’re lying, so that they won’t run off and leave us flat, repudiated, the laughing stock of the neighbourhood, the family, the country of our ancestors.”

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