The Stories of Eva Luna (The Judge’s Wife) – Isabel Allende

The Judge’s Wife
“Gossiping tongues had it that Judge Hidalgo turned inside out like a glove.”
Interminable Life
“There are all kinds of stories. Some are born with the telling; their substance is language, and before someone puts them into words they are but a hint of emotion, a caprice of mind, an image, or an intangible recollection. Others are manifest whole, like an apple, and can be repeated infinitely without risk of altering their meaning. Some are taken from reality and processed through inspiration, while others rise up from an instant inspiration and become real after being told. And there are secret stories that remain hidden in the shadows of the mind; they are like living organisms, they grow roots, and tantacles, they become covered with excrescences and parasites, and with time are transformed into the matter of nightmares. To exorcize the demons of memory, it is sometimes necessary to tell them a story.”
“Death, with its ancestral weight of terrors, is merely the abandonment of an unserviceable shell at the time the spirit is reintegrated into the unified energy of the cosmos.”
“The press immediately appreciated the limitless possibilities of this theory, and placed words in Blaums’s mouth that he had never spoken.”

“…a tall waterfall, a river that fell from the sky”


“They gave us maize to eat, and bananas, and the strange contents of some cans, which I never tasted, because nothing good for humans can grow in tins”

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