Bird by Bird – Anne Lamott


“When I read their books, I feel like I’m sitting around a campfire at night where they are spinning their wild stories-these crazy Rube Goldberg clocks, with lots of birds and maidens and gongs and bells and whistles. İt is like primitive art. İt’s simple and decorative, with rich colours, satisfying old forms, and a lot of sophistication underneath that you feel but don’t really see. İ always feel like i’m watching a wild theater piece with lots of special effects-so many lives falling apart! But, more important, the style offers the nourishment of imagination and wonder. İ love to enter into these fantastical worlds where we feel like we’re looking through the wrong end of the binoculars, where everything is tiny and pretty and rich, because real life is so often big and messy and hurtful and drab. But when someone like Allende polishes and turns and twists her people and their lives and their families and their ghosts into universal curves and shapes, then the writing resonates in such a way that you think, Yes, yes, that’s exactly what life is like.”

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